A quick debriefing is in order because it's been awhile.  I hardly recognize you.

All three of us now live in Nashville, TN.  We started moving down about a year ago.  We live within eight blocks of each other.  

The Dave Rawlings Machine released "Nashville Obsolete" in September, and we're all featured on the album along with Gillian Welch and Willie Watson.  Britt and I have been touring behind the album.

Jordan is working on a solo album.  Keep your eyes peeled for that.

Britt is heading to Africa soon to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.  It's part of a charity project to raise money for a local school for women and orphans.  You can donate here.

Now that we have debriefed, it's on to the main point for this "Haas Kowert Tice" newsletter.  We have been working on music for a new album.  As our website's home page suggests, "things are a-brewin'."  They have been for quite some time, actually.  That's the secret to a good, strong brew.  You can't just throw some ingredients together and expect balance, it needs TIME for the various parts to meld with each other, to become one.  You see, some people just wao ay qui c f

We'll play the bulk of the new material at Bongo Java's "After Hours Theater" in Nashville on February 26th, and we'll record the album in March, with an official release soon thereafter.  

Best to you all,